The 3 Rs of Writing: Routine, Resistance, Return #WritingLife

WritingRoutine-TimeAndWillpowerFor me as a writer, one of my biggest challenges is sticking to my writing routine.

When I have the time and willpower to write regularly, the words flow, ideas show up, plot problems get solved, story hooks appear and keep me hooked on writing not only the next sentence but the next chapter. I’m eager to sit down each day and to see how the story can change from a spark of imagination to several thousands of words that I’ve revised dozens of times.


Sunday writing & coffee get togethers

Sunday writing & coffee get togethers

Part of my routine is writing at a coffee shop every Sunday morning with my friend Marion Ann. This blog was written yesterday during our get-together.

More and more, I find myself pondering the power of routine. But I’m also thinking about the importance of acknowledging that sooner or later life gets complicated – and inevitably my routine will be interrupted.

My writing will be set aside. Temporarily, I tell myself. Then it will stay aside a day too long and my momentum is lost. The longer I’m away from my routine, the harder it is to get back to it. If a writer isn’t writing consistently, it’s hard to finish a book.


Part of the challenge is Resistance (with a capital R). Steven Pressfield writes about Resistance in his book The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. Last December, I read this book to my mom when she was in the hospital for several weeks. I’d always wanted to read it and my mom enjoyed it so much she read it on her own when she got home.

A New Years Day walk with my mom

A New Years Day walk with my mom – even our shadows were fun.

This November my mom passed away so I won’t be reading to her, or talking about my writing with her, or sharing my finished stories with her, or spending my Christmas and New Years with her. But I will think of her every day and remember her advice that as long as you try to do your best, that’s all that matters.


So, I continue trying – to write, to read, to make time to spend with family and friends, to make plans to return to my writing routine – after it is inevitably put on hold. I have many stories I still want to write. Each story is a work in progress and so is life. They are both full of complications.

Russell Books' Books on View location's staircase

Russell Books’ Books on View location’s staircase

This week’s complication is signing up to work 6 days straight at my usually part-time job at Russell Books. It’s the busy retail season and people love books. So, I want to help them get those books and also do a bit extra so my awesome full-time co-workers can take time off to visit their out-of-town friends and family. I’ve been very lucky to have had the time and opportunity to spend every Christmas with my mom (except for last year when I had a cold so bad, I eventually couldn’t visit her in the hospital – but we were blessed with time to celebrate later on in January).


I hope you have lots of time to do whatever and see whoever makes you happy this holiday season. And if you are missing someone like I am, then know that you are not alone. I’m thinking of you ❤


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One thought on “The 3 Rs of Writing: Routine, Resistance, Return #WritingLife

  1. I loved this post. Your writing is proof that persistence and routine pay off! And I know that you will miss your mom’s company and love ❤️ this Christmas. Cherish and remember the good memories. Sending hugs to you.😊

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